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We find it fascinating in how many different ways Photography and Industry members and suppliers have been able to make a living from creative business practices and establishing themselves in this market sector.

FTM is a Photography and Industry "Business Model" blog in which we like to highlight interesting people and how they make their businesses work in the general photography related and supporting industries.


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Karl Taylor Fashion Shoot - BTS Video

Join Karl Taylor in this behind the scenes video on a one day studio fashion shoot.

Who has the money? Who spends it?

"...as photographers should be spending our marketing energy focussed on women and not on men..."

I have received more than a bit of flak for that statement, so I though I should elaborate my logic just a bit...


Every business is consistently faced with having to rethink their strategy of bringing products and services to market, but unfortunately this is not the easiest thing to do.

We know our product, and we know traditional ways of presenting said product, and getting out of that rut, is just plain and simply put - bloody difficult!


I have always found that the best people to teach you about something are the guys and gals that do it for a living, and not just do it, but absolutely kill it. The people that knows so much about the topic it's absolutely second nature...

So where do you go to learn about Time Management? Who is the Jedi Master of time?


We love shooting ourselves in the foot!

I've had an epiphany of sorts and have been thinking about this for a few weeks now, and see it in action all over the industry... It is this:

We love shooting ourselves in the foot!

For a bunch of creatives we seem to be very uncreative in our way of thinking about business and how we present ourselves to our clients. Sure, we do amazing artwork, and fliers and websites, and everything that shines is pretty, but on a basic level, a client wants a product or a result. That's it.


Simplify your Business

One thing that remains true throughout this industry is that generally speaking, artists are terrible with admin. We love to create, we hate to file!

As such, I am always looking for ways to improve my systems and make it easier for me to run my business and not drop the ball on the most critical issues of delivery and billing. Below are some of the tools we use.

Dear Model, Kindest Regards, Other Model. XXX

Dear (new’ish) Model,

My name is Other Model. I have spent the last couple of years finding out a few things that I wish I’d known from the start. Please don’t think I’m patronising as I mean this only in goodwill, as there is absolutely no gain for me by sharing these cheats. Not all of my points will be valid for you as posing varies in each genre. Just take what you can and ignore the rest. If only one suggestion helps your future career then my time has been well spent…


Interview with Bruce Smith

"...Every day I would go in and I would put my camera on my desk, so every day I would have my camera looking at me,  making me think ‘Remember this, don’t forget this. This is something you should be doing’..." 

A great interview with Photographer, Bruce Smith!

Words of advice encouragement for aspiring fashion photographers?

Learn the rules before you break the rules.  
Learn to network at the beginning of your career.

Props: Time to Stock Up

Building a Stock Photography Wardrobe: ideas and principles. By the way,  Cotton ON & ASOS (up to 70% off!) are on sale! Plus a Cotton On Haul of the new stock props.

Keeping your Client's best interests at heart

We often see queries coming up on various Social Networks and Photographers Forums about "how to..." do a job, or "...but, I have never done this kind of shoot before..." or "My first time doing..." and every time it scares the crap out of me!